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Teaching: Technique Class

Class Description-Contemporary dance technique class

Shannon Cooney’s technique class integrates a culmination of eighteen years of professional dance experience, Craniosacral Therapy practice, and Pilates Method training/ teaching.

Through dance sequences one will be given the opportunity to explore their personal anatomical alignment and awareness, integrate breath with movement, work with their honest weight in movement, explore range of motion, and tune into their Craniosacral system.

Its structure includes floor work, vertical exercises, and dance sequences incorporating all levels of space dynamically, and harmoniously. Dancing with a full body experience whilst inviting one’s personal artistic imagination to be engaged and expressed.

The unique element of this training is integrating a body level awareness of the Craniosacral system. By connecting to this system and its subtle, resounding internal rhythm one is able to calm the central nervous system. With this core system calmed, the body can open to new and expanded possibilities.

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