Assemblages: a series of performed selections of sound/dance proposals derived from the assembling and interaction of rocks, small stones and sand.

The sounds and movements are developed with the sensitivity of the visual/kinesthetic design and the movement of sound in the space. This is a duet with dancer and musician, and through the piece the roles interchange as sound maker/mover.

Assemblages invites the public to engage in a visual somatic sonic experience. Where time based actions replace theatrical narrative.

Within the process is a search for transformations subtle or explosive, to shift from one action to another. What does that sound feel like? What does that dance sound like? What time does that sound need to finish? Where in the space does that sound resonate?

Body is a resonator. Witness as a resonator. The space is a vessel for felt sound.Objects seamlessly become subject and subject becomes object. In the work, Assemblages dance is heard-felt and sound is seen. 50 minutes.




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