Greetings and best wishes from Berlin. This is the first newsletter about the projects, work and workshops from my newly created website. I hope you find the site inviting with increaed detail, depth and spaciousness  We will be adding more content including an archive eventually, for now the present, welcome.


In 2024, Fluid Resilience will be coming to Canada for some performances, intensive workshops, and video installations.

In August we will be installing a video of Fluid Resilience at the Pathways to Sustainability Conference in Montreal

Invited by Senior Research fellow Dr. Allyson Quinlan, Resilience Alliance member. She introduced this work to me in 2018 and  I found it an inspiring and innovattive approach to deepening stewardship of the environment. We then developed an approach to making a performance work during the pandemic, with the inspiration to connect water to ourselves, in movement and content. Looking forward to interact with this rich grouping of scientists who, as creative thinkers, are working actively towards solutions for sustainability. If ever there was a time.

Our partner, Ottawa Dance Directive has been supporting this project since 2018 and through all the throws of the pandemic and rescheduling we are so pleased to be bringing a outdoor version to Ottawa the Fall. Stay tuned for early September dates. We are working towards a workshop during our residency there, engaging with some of the artists and practitioners we gathered during Yvonne Coutts’ “Reclaiming Attention” online residency from 2021. Coutts is also engaging with her contacts in the rejuvenated Arts Court, and we will be installing a video version of Fluid Resileince for DARC (Digital Arts Resource Center).

Ludger Orlok, with whom I have had the pleasure to work with co-operatively since 2010 while he worked at the Tanzfabrik Berlin as producing director, is now working together with me as cultural manager. It’s wonderful to move forward in our collaborative and deeply rooted pathway together. Ludger is a keystone in curating and supporting this Canadian tour in late summer early September 2024.

Our other partner in Canada is long-time colleague Julie-Anne Saroyan, Director of Small Stage in Vancouver. We are working towards low environmental impact touring; finding Resilience solutions which include outdoor oceanside performance spaces, a Dance Camp intensive workshop, and sea/sail travel.

Looking forward to bringing this work to Canada, and these outreach workshops will be wonderful opportunities to meet communitites and deepen and unite in our respect for water, the element we honour in Fluid Resilience.

Tanzpraxis Berlin Senat

As the 18-months of the stipend from the Berlin Senat’s “Tanzpraxis” is concluding, I am grateful for the time and space this allowed in so many aspects of my practices. There will be an interactive audio-guided practice emerging soon, as well a new performance piece is on the horizon. I am glad to hear this grant-stipend will be again available for dance artists in Berlin. I find it such an incredible initiative and the ripple it creates for the art form is enduring.



Practice of the Practitioner: a guide to hands-on bodywork from a craniosacral perspective.

This is a two-part introductory workshop spanning over two weekends. This workshop teaches fundamental and enhancement skills in the practice of neuro-receptive touch.
Part One A: An introduction and fundamental techniques.

  • March 1, 2024 19:00-20:30
  • March 2-3, 2024 10:30-18:00

Part One B: Further developing the techniques and practices.

  • March 16-17, 2024 10:30-18:00

Part Two: is for advancing the Practice:

  • April 13-14, 2024

All info found here:

Spiralling Vortex

May 18 - 22 2024
OSTUNI / La Radice dei Viandanti
Axis Syllabus + Dynamic Expansion
With Shannon Cooney, Frey Faust, Francesca Pedullá

Dancing through the southern Italian landscape amidst olive and almond trees or at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, our experience at La Radice dei Viandanti will be unique. 
We will source time in a co-creative relationship with nature; embodying water, deepening personal and collective connections to this beautiful environment and one another

Using The Axis Syllabus reference system for human bio-mechanics we will explore spiraling vortex movements, while through the practice of Shannon’s Dynamic Expansion/Moveable Cinema we will explore and channel fluid forces, the undercurrent of the physical body’s movements. 

Francesca and Shannon have had a professional relationship for over a decade, collaborating via dance creative facilitation, dancing and imagining together. They have dreamed up this collaborative teaching workshop as their practices intersect, inform and inspire one another.

Francesca and Frey have been working and creating together since two decades. Long-time nomads, they recently put down roots in the countryside of Ostuni where they have co-founded la Radice dei Viandanti as a place for dance, practice, making, movement research, performance, exchange workshops and connection to the land and local cultural scenes. 
The Axis Syllabus is the substrate that provides nourishment and foundation for all their activities. The fertility of the land of the Valle d'Itria in Puglia, where old and new continue to contaminate, unleashes a creative ferment bringing together artists and thinkers, crossing reference fields and mix methodologies and create collaboration.

6 h. per day
2 h. Axis Syllabus | 4 h. Dynamic Expansion lab

Included in this full-day workshop will be a midday meal, locally sourced, delicious and highly nutritious.
It is possible to attend a single wks (Axis Syllabus wks ; Dynamic Expansion lab)

Option Morning Axis Syllabus wks: 120€ - no lunch included.
Option Afternoon Dynamic Expansion 240€ No lunch included.

FOR WHOM: The wks is open to dancers, actors, musicians, professionals and amateurs of movement and somatic practitioners. And, for all those who are interested in experiencing an accurate awareness of the body and its expressive potential.

HOUSING:  contact us at la Radice dei Viandanti we will help you to find affordable solutions in shared houses.

write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
and send a bank transfer of 100€
to : La Radice dei Viandanti
IBAN IT32Y0306909606100000180458
Object: member’s contribution for : wks title  XXXX, month XXX.
The deposit is non-refundable. However In case of illness, serious family problems or canceled flight, the association will return 75% of the deposi

HOW to get  to La Radice
Closest airport: Brindisi or Bari
From there train to Ostuni ( half an hour from Brindisi; 1 hour from Bari)

Contact info here:

Movement Artisans

First week in April 2024, at the Lake Studios,

Tanztage fabrik Potsdam 

Outdoor workshop beside the Havel River, open to all movers.

June 2, 2024 more details to come

Tanztage May-June 2024

Berlin Dynamic Expansion workshop

June 8-9, 2024, 10:30-18:00

In the beautiful Eden studios, Berlin Pankow,
Organized by Katie Dunbar
To register: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dynamic Expansion Moveable Cinema Weekly Classes 

WEDNESDAYS 18:15-19:45
Studio 3, Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg

Dynamic Expansion: an embodiment dance and movement practice in tune with Craniosacral principles. Moveable Cinema practice: heightened visual field perception in movement at Tanzfabrik-Berlin

TANZFABRIK-BERLIN Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Möckernstr. 68 D-10965 Berlin

After a year of pause I am glad to be back at Tanzfrbrik-Kreuzberg in beautiful Studio 3 offering my weekly classes.

For the four wonderful people who ran the Dynamic Expansion/Moveable Cinema Lab; tremendous thanks; Philipp Meyer, Claudia Tomasi, Iokasti Kyriaki Zografou Mantzakidou and Tarlie Lumby. It has been a joy to witness evolutions in this practice taught by these different people in how they have embodied and made their own process of tranmission. Very inspiring to hear from people who they led in the practice have been moved and inspired. Celebrating the positive ripple, as we are aware that in these times it is essential to do so.

Looking forward to seeing you on a Wednesday evening Berlin.



Since 2022 i am a practicing certified ELDOA Trainer, which is a unique and complex fascial stretching and strengthening technique. I am integrating this work into my private Craniosacral practice, and offering private and semi-private classes. Please contact me if you are interested

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Private sessions in Craniosacral Dynamic Expansion

Craniosacral/Expanded Consciousness sessions have many benefits for wellness including: deeply easing stress, deep rest for the nervous system, increased vitality, unwinding of unwanted habits, and increased general well-being. Craniosacral also has many benefits for Health (active definition of health: as "not a state but a search for equilibrium") including; improving eyesight/vision, reduced acute pain, rehabilitation in the neural field, learning disabilities, gross and fine motor problems, developmental delays, headaches, tinnitus, TMJ syndrome, stress disorders, trauma and neurological conditions.

Craniosacral Dynamic Expansion is a hybrid practice which I developed incorporating 25+ years of Craniosacral practices together with expanded consciousness, movement awareness and co-creative work with Nature. I work co-creatively with each client given one's individuality and needs. Please note that some themes and issues could find resolution in one session, some in three to four sessions and others over time.

Long-Distance Practice

I also practice long-distance sessions, done over audio calls, or video calls. I have received very positive feedback over the last decade, and one of the beautiful benefits of these sessions is I am able to offer continuity for my international clients or for those in Germany who do not reside in Berlin or with those that prefer to be in their private space for this one-to-one work. Please be in touch if this mode of working interests you.

I continue to develop and exchange this work with my regular clients who inspire me constantly, and I am open to welcoming new clients as my schedule permits.


SCHLESISCHE STRASSE. 20, 3. Hof, Remise 1OG.

Public transport

U-Schlesisches Tor, 450m walking OR Bus 265 direction: S-Schöneweide, One Stop: Taborstr. or

S-Treptower Park, walking 1,3 km or Bus 265 direction: U-Stadtmitte/Krausenstr. Three Stops: Taborstr.

Session details

Session duration: 70- 90 minutes

Session fee


Please send an e-mail for session inquiries:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Craniosacral Dynamic Expansion Private Sessions

Sessions in this hands-on non-invasive practice last 70-90 minutes, please dress comfortably, or bring a change of clothes. For example: training pants and a t-shirt with socks. It is optimal when one's skin is covered for this work with simple clothing for example: not too many shoulder straps, no hoodies please, fancy zippers, thick jeans etc. Be sure to schedule some downtime post session, for your integration.


made before 24 hours notice will not be charged. Thank you for your understanding.

Termine nur nach Vereinbarung


24-Stunden-Regel. Vereinbarte Termine sind verbindlich und kostenpflichtig, falls keine rechtzeitige Absage erfolgt.
Herzlichen Dank für Ihr Verständnis


Wishing you very well.
As always, grateful for your support,



Shannon Cooney, Schlesischestr. 20
Remise 1 OG, 3HH
10997 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)151 504 26 223
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