2021-2022 ELDOA –Trainer. Somatrainng and Manual Etiotherapy Instsitte
2013-2014 Berlin Heilpraktiker Schule 
2006-2009 Susan Klein Technique; Teacher Hanna Hegenscheidt, Berlin.
2007-Present Mentored by Joanna McIntyre, Expanded Consciousness 
1995-Present Cranio Therapy with Robert Harris, Level 1 + 2, and Teacher’s assistant, The Cranial Therapy Centre Toronto.
1998 Craniosacral Therapy, Upledger Level 1- Upledger Institute.
1994-2006 Professional Training with Dancemakers Company:Serge Bennathan, Peter Boneham, Katherine Duncanson –voice.
1994-2006 Dianne Miller Pilates and from 2003-Present Pilates teacher training.
1992 Completed Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours – Dance York University, Toronto.



2022 Fluid Resilience outdoor version, Jan Burkhard, S Cooney, Sigal Zouk, farº Nyon Festival, Switzerland
2020 Fluid Resilience, co-created with Jared Gradinger + Sigal Zouk, light Emese Csornai, Sound M.Hlady, Open Spaces, Berlin
2018 Fielding: Solo with Cases performed by S.Cooney, Sound Cases and Scores Marla Hlady, sound by M.Hlady with Eric Chenaux, Somatiche Akadamie Berlin. VULVA KLUB berlin 12.2018
2017 Fielding performed by S.Cooney, A.Grant, J. Mühle, C. Tomasi, Scores by Marla Hlady, Sound by M.Hlady and Eric Chenaux, Dramaturgy Igor Dobricic, Light Emese Csornai, Tanzfabrik Berlin.
2016 Taste of Freedom commissioned and performed by members of the Minoga Dance Company, the Boris Yeltsin Centre Ekateringburg, Russia.
2016 100 Mini-Operas performed by S.Cooney, curated and presented by Reckless Abandon, 3AM Flutgraben Berlin
2013 every one every one performed by S.Cooney Tanzfabrik Berlin, 2014-Echo Echo Dance Festival, Derry N.Ireland, 2015-Canada Dance Festival, 2015 re-mount performance Tanzfabrik Berlin.
2012 Acoustic Sightlines performed by S.Cooney, S. Frandsen, M. Gabriel, commissioned by TANZNACHT and ADA Studios Berlin, Sound Anke Eckardt, Light Sandra Blatterer
2011 Assemblages performed by S.Cooney with co-creator Sabine Vogel, Tanzfabrik, Uferstudios Berlin.
2009 Trust me performed by S.Cooney, commissioned by „The Word is Moving“ Cuirt Festival Galway Ireland. In 2010 Lange Nacht des Theater, Tanzfabrik Berlin.
2009 Spiral Pendulum: dance durational performance/video installation, York Quay Gallery Toronto, ON, and ADDK Berlin.
2008 Wax and Wane and Schlaftoeter commissioned and compositions by Alex Novitz and Sabine Vogel, fabrik Potsdam.
2008 at Table performed by S.Cooney solo durational performance, Hub 14 Toronto.
2007 Radiowave performed by S.Cooney commissioned by TanzTage fabric Potsdam.
2005 Like Love to Gravity, Dancemakers, performed by S.Cooney, A.Denham, L.Swan, Compposer JM. Sherlock, Toronto.
2004 Imperfect Parallel a group piece performed by Le Groupe Dance Lab, Ottawa.
2003 Good Night Josephine performed by S.Cooney + R. Abubo music/lyrics Gord Downie, D.Morningstar, Le Groupe Ottawa.
2003 Of the First Water performed by S.Cooney, Composer S. Parkinson, DanceWorks, Toronto. Firehall Vancouver.
2002 Written in the Body commissioned and performed by Company Blonde, Firehall Vancouver, Dancemakers Toronto.
2000 Five Minute Window commissioned and performed by Company Blonde, fFIDA festival Toronto, music D. Morningstar.
1999 Woollen performed by K.Alton, J.Aplin, C.Woods, music Ernie Tollar, DuMaurier Theatre Toronto.
1998 Underbrush performed by S.Cooney, Hazelton Gallery, Toronto
1997 Hear my Love Commissioned and performed by Dancemakers, Toronto
1996 Stephanie Spinning, in David Duclos’ The Book of Thoht theatre, dance, poetry, music collaboration Theatre Centre, Toronto, Oval theatre and Oxford theatre England.
1996 Islay performed my M-J. Chartier, R.Glumbek, C.Woods, Dusk Dances, Toronto and 1998 Canada Dance Festival Ottawa.


2022/23 The River Public in Private, Clément Layes choreographer, Berlin.
2022  SWAY, Come Meet Us - Open House - Blind Date. Zero Point Berlin, Shannon Cooney, Doug Weiss and Mariana Carvalho, Curated by: Descha Daemgen, Abraham Hurtado and Meg Stuart 
2019 Failure as Practice Darko Dragicevic, performed by S.Cooney and C. Ciupke, Open Spaces, Tanzfabrik Berlin.
2018 A Piece you remember to Tell a Piece you Tell to Remember Silke Bake and Peter Stamer, Tanznacht Berlin.
2012 Exposé performed by S.Cooney + A.Posch durational performance by Heidi Sill, Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin.
2010 Social Balance Research Photography/performance series, with Artist Signe Theill, Made in Berlin, Arsenal, Berlin, Neuen Sächsischen Galerie Chemnitz Germany.

Gulliver Dreaming video installation with Signe Theill, Hellerau-Dresden, Europäisches Zentrum der Kunst, 23.Stuttgarter Filmwinter. 2010 Festival for Expanded Media, in 2012”AUFBRUCH” Galerie Thron, Reutlingen.

2008 Curtain Machine installation site-specific performance by visual artist Marla Hlady, Berlin.
2007 Untitled Solo Choreographer Benoit Lachambre, LaborGras Berlin.
1994-2006 DANCEMAKERS dance company danced full-time in 16 creations with artistic Direction Serge Bennathan. International repertory touring, as well performing works by Yvonne Coutts, Marie-Josée Chartier, Claudia Moore, Susanna Hood, and Julia Sasso.
2000-2006 Platform 33 as Co-Artistic Director and performed works by Louise Bedard; Seven Ways to Tell Time, Kim Itoh; Shelf Life, Damien Munoz L’Avenir, la Chapelle, Montreal, DanceWorks Toronto.
2003 YANG Choreography Peggy Baker, Choreographers’ Trust, Betty Oliphant, Toronto.
2002-2003 disconnected series of utterances choreographer Lesandra Dodson, Performed by S.Burpee, S.Cooney, J.Aplin.
1998 WIND choreographer Bill James, performers S.Cooney, R.GLumbek, Y.Ng, R.Abubo, S. Elton, Warehouse, Toronto.
1998 In Dreams choreographer Juila Sasso for Dancers for Life Toronto, S. Cooney, K. Cunningham, G.Tai, G. Tretham.
1996 Figures in Stillness and in Motion choreography Marie-Josée Chartier, DuMaurier Theatre,Toronto.



2006-currently Damaged Goods/Meg Stuart, Tanzfabrik-Berlin, Sasha Waltz and Guest’s, HZT-University Berlin, Toula Limnaios, LaborGras, SMASH Intensive, and ROAR Intensive, Somatiche Akadamie Berlin, fabrik Potsdam, Le Pacifique CDC-a Grenoble, CND, Lyon, France, Circuit-Est, Concordia University, Montreal, P.A.R.T.S., Raffiniere, Brussels, Belgium. York University, Dancemakers, Toronto Love-In, Toronto, Ottawa Dance Directive, Working Class, Vancouver, Dance House Dublin, Ireland, ImPulsTanz, Tanz Quartier Vienna, Austria, Weld Company, Cullberg, Danscentrum,, SKH Stockholm, Danscentrum Syd, Sweden, Mimar Sinan Universtiy, Barefoot Dance company Istanbul, Dansehallerne Copenhagen, and Bewegungsraum, and K3 Hamburg.
 2022-currently Private teaching ELDOA Certified Trainer.
2003-2006 Teaching Pilates mat work, in the Pilates Method.
1997-2006 Teaching professional company class DANCEMAKERS, Leading residency classes/workshops in national and international tours with DANCEMAKERS.



2023 Co-Curating and direction HIVE Artists Residency far* Nyon, Switzerland June 2023
2021/22 External Mentor for Master's Candidate Can Bora, ArtEZ University of the Arts
2021/22 Mentoring HZT Berlin BA Dance Student 2 semesters, Dasha Belous
2021 Creative Facilitation for Reclaiming Attention 3-week virtual residency, hosted by Ottawa Dance Directive
2020 Curating HIVE Co-Creative Residency Farm Studios Rajasthan India
2020 Dance Artist Lesandra Dodson, Professional Development Grant Canada Council for the Art, postponed due to corona
2019 Dance Artist: Alison Denham Professional Development/movement research with Grant from the BC Arts Council.
2018/19 For Choreographers Jared Gradinger and Angel Schubot, The Nature of Us performance HAU 2 Theatre Berlin.
2019/22 Choreographer performer: Francesca Pedulla movement research Parallel Lines of Inquiry project.
2018 Director singer, performer: Wälli Hofinger for production But Not Songs.
2017 Louis Leberge Coté, during his teaching-practice focused MA in Berlin.
2015/16 Choreographer Performer: Josephine Evrard, for production The Root.
2014/16 Dancer/teacher: Robert Kingsbury teaching practice research, Ontario Arts Council grant.
2013/15 Dancer/teacher: Paula Monticinos dance practice development, Chilean Cultural funding
2012 to present Creative facilitation and mentoring for choreography and dance students at HZT University of Art Berlin.
2011 Circus Artist: Romy Seibt solo Rope dance, Berlin.
2010 Kondition Pluriel choreographer Marie-Claude Poulin, for I’interior, The Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] and Agora de la danse, Montreal.
2010 Circus Artist: Anke Van Engelshoven, duet and solo performances, Berlin.
2008/09 Choreography/artistic advisor My LIFE original production Varieté- Chamäleon Theater, Berlin



 2022/23  Berlin Senat Tanzpraxis Stipenduim, 18 months for dance practice deepning
2022   Berlin Senat Reisezuschüsse für Auslandsvorhaben, Fluid Resilience, Gastspiel far Nyon 
2022 Internationals Performance Netz, Gastspiel Fluid Resilience-far Nyon
2022 Dis-Tanz Solo, dance project integration of new modalities in teaching practice
2020 GRANT Canada Council for the Arts: Special Initiatives Canada in Germany, Berlin Premiere Fluid Resilience
2019 Selection for Canadian Wilderness Artist Residency Yukon Rover 2019
2019 Dance Ireland Dance House Dublin, 2-week residency research funding
2017 The Canada Council for the Arts: Short Term Production Grants Dance for Fielding
2015 Berlin Senat Wiederaufnahme (Remount) production for every one everyone
2013 The Canada Council for the Arts: Short Term Production Grants Dance for every one everyone
2013 Hauptstadtkultur Fonds (Berlin Capital City Funding) Project grant for every one everyone
2010 Canada Council for the Arts Production Grants, Dance for Assemblages.
2010 Kuenstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop Germany, Stipendium for Assemblages
2008, 2007, 2002, 2001 Grants to Choreographers Project funding Toronto Arts Council.
2008, 2006 Canada Council for the Arts Professional Development Grants
2006 Ontario Arts Council, research and development for at Table and Spiral Pendulum: dance.
2002 Chalmers Professional Development Grant, Ontario Arts Council
 2000-2006  multiple grants for Platform 33, Canadian Dance Collective; Canada Council for the Arts production, Japan-Canada Fund, Laidlaw Foundation, Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Coun
1998 Laidlaw Foundation production grant Woollen
1998 Ontario Arts Council production grant Woollen
1996 Dora Mavor Moor Award for Best Performance, Serge Bennathan’s Les Arbres D’Or
1991 York University, Faculty of Fine Arts: Dean’s Award for Excellent in Performance