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Teaching: Contemporary Dance/Dynamic Expansion

Class Description- Contemporary Dance/Dynamic Expansion,

Shannon Cooney’s teaching method combines contemporary dance with the Craniosacral system physical awareness.

She applies techniques to tune into the tidal rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the central nervous system [the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid rhythmically goes through a rise and fall in volume and pressure, beating within the range of six to twelve cycles per minute.]. This Craniosacral rhythm, and its tidal changes in pressure moves the bones of the head and sacrum, and can be felt through the whole body.

From dynamic stillness as the base, the awareness of enhanced inner sensing becomes the source for dance practice. Dance structured improvisations are developed by following these shifts in individual rhythms as the dancer is engaged in developing finer proprioceptive awareness. Working from a region in the brain, centers for processing sensual and perceptive information, give posibilities to dance/dance create in an unique self-expanding fashion.

The Dynamic Expansion teaching method creates a way for dancers to undo old or no longer functional movement patterns/habits, deeply calm the nervous system and increase brain function. Dancers gain heightened inner and outer states of presence which are applicable to both studio practice and performance

Class length, 1 1/2 to 2 hours


Tuesday evening 16:45-18:15 Tanzfabrik Berlin, Kreuzberg (with Summer Pause until 06.09.2016)
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Teaching since 2009: Damaged Goods/Meg Stuart, Tanzfabrik, Sasha Waltz and Guest’s, HZT-Universtiy of Art, Berlin, Toula Limnaios, LaborGras, Berlin, fabrik Potsdam, Le Pacifique CDC-a Grenoble, CND, Lyon, France, Circuit-Est, Concordia University, Montreal, P.A.R.T.S., Raffiniere, Brussels, York University, Dancemakers, Hub 14, Love-In, Toronto, working Class, Vancouver, Dance House Dublin, Ireland, ImPulsTanz, Tanz Quartier, Wien, Weld Company, Ballet Cullberg, Stockholm, Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul.