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Awakening and Riding Craniosacral Rhythms

Awakening and Riding Craniosacral Rhythms

A Weekend of Discovery and Exploring Craniosacral Movement and Dance

 November 16-17th, 2019 11:00-18:00

To be held at the Waldorf Academy, 250 Madison Avenue, Toronto Ontario

to register: See below

Join dancer, choreographer, educator and Craniosacral practitioner Shannon Cooney, and Toronto-based Master teacher and craniosacral practitioner, Robert Harris, as they share their decades of teaching expertise, experience and friendship to bring forth this exploratory dance and movement workshop.
The weekend will provide rewarding experiences as these two gifted instructors lead and interweave participants through various exercises. These explorations can open one to new realms of sensing, perception and creativity and they will be guided through both movement and hand's on connection.
* Become aware of your deep inner midline, your craniosacral rhythm, it's fluid tides and the effects on consciousness and freedom
* Awakening perception to subtle and potent felt-sensations and movements, providing freedom and expression to inner and outer worlds
* Perceive craniosacral rhythm dynamics and the hands-on facilitations for slack and stillness, movement and rhythms
*Experience craniosacral rhythm dynamics and the hands-on facilitations for slack and stillness, movement and rhythms in self and others
* Experience heightened senses and an increased ability to witness and enjoy new found inspirations, creativity and expression
*Learn how to ground oneself in the midst of the phenomena of the Craniosacral tides.

To reserve a place : Cranial Therapy Centre Toronto Courses

Fee 350,00$ 

For more info: or to register by phone please call:  +1 416-971-4445

Teaching: Moveable Cinema/Dynamic Expansion

Class Description: Moveable CInema/Dynamic Expansion

Moveable Cinema is a movement practice created to expand the felt-sense and consciousness of vision while in movement. Shared though a series of mandalas (or practices) it enables one to find a unique path to research consciously how the expanded sense of vision can tune one into one’s body and acutely to the present. Beyond self-oriented practice, practices with others challenges and enriches subtle and powerful forms of witnessing. This becomes a vital and reliable tool for performance.
Moveable Cinema exists within the frame of Dynamic Expansion an integrated and somatic approach to orient to the Craniosacral System; tuning into it’s waves and stillness phenomena, grounds the practice.

Read more: Teaching: Moveable Cinema/Dynamic Expansion

Teaching: Workshop

Workshop Description: Dynamic Expansion

The dance practice Dynamic Expansion, created by Shannon Cooney dancer, choreographer and craniosacral practitioner, is based in connecting with the physical phenomenon of the Craniosacral (C/S) system with movement and dance via improvisational forms.
["The Craniosacral Rhythm, the tidal change in the fluids, moves the bones of the head and the sacrum, these natural changes in pressure cause motion to be felt through the whole body, with slight toning and relaxing, as these fluid pressures expand and relax." –Robert Harris RMT, C/S therapist/master teacher]
In the workshop participants are introduced to techniques to tune into this profound rhythm and go directly and deeply into this calm, dynamic, self-witnessing. The techniques taught incorporate natural, fully physical, energetic, and subtle dance/movements that are guided into improvisations. As the work evolves, one's capacity to remain wholly connected to this vital rhythm while expanding into varied dynamic states of presences is at the heart of the practice.
Dynamic Expansion offers many possible applications to one's personal artistic/creative work practice including: a vibrant palette/range of movement qualities, enhanced depth of focus, heightened and subtle states of presence, refined self-perception skills, new systems of connecting with others and, profound experiences in the sensorial field.

Teaching: Technique Class

Class Description-Contemporary dance technique class

Shannon Cooney’s technique class integrates a culmination of eighteen years of professional dance experience, Craniosacral Therapy practice, and Pilates Method training/ teaching.

Through dance sequences one will be given the opportunity to explore their personal anatomical alignment and awareness, integrate breath with movement, work with their honest weight in movement, explore range of motion, and tune into their Craniosacral system.

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