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HIVE Residency

HIVE co-creative Workshop in Residence

HIVE co-creative Professional Development Workshop in Residence 

curated by Shannon Cooney


The (first)  HIVE residency, January 6 – February 7, 2020 took place at the International Artist Residency at FARM Studio in Andore, Rajasthan, India. Curated by Shannon Cooney, with invited members:
Jared Gradinger, Claudia Hill, Samuel Draper, Roberto Martinez, Marina Hulzenga, Clara Birnbaum Pantzerhielm, Shelley Etkin, Monique Romeiko, Navtej Johar, and Simrat Dugal.

Borrowing from Nature a Bee Hive model, wherein an organism with others of likeness live together in a chosen place to thrive. Within the hive there is specialization as each individual has a distinct task/specified role. Respecting that all tasks are valued equally: meaning the hive would not exist without these roles being carried out, they act as a whole or a system or a superorganism.

Within this Hive model we spent collectively 5 weeks together with the invitation for Open Source Exchange: to intersect exchanges and interchange our research, resources and practices. The invitees’ work, or practice engages in some or all of the following; expanded consciousness, dance, performance, visual art, bodywork and/or hand’s-on modalities, sense-driven (somatic) practices, and co-operative work with Nature The concept of the Hive is to give the opportunity of Time to expand one’s resources, share in discoveries and generate vibrancy in one’s own work/research/practices and those of each other. The invitees were selected based on their engagement in parallel practices with the understanding that they are often in a production-based milieu where one might normally find they are lacking in Time for true conversations, and artistic inquisitive exchange. The Hive offers an environment of true exchange through a non-time-pressured and a non-production driven atmosphere.



Looking forward to the development of the next HIVE creative residency in a new manifestation.


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