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Craniosacral Practice

Shannon Cooney, Craniosacral Practitioner

Craniosacral is a non-invasive, hands-on bodywork/inner movement awareness practice. Its aim is to encourage the vital movement of the Craniosacral system to support one's self-regulating healing capacity. Shannon has been studying and practicing this hands-on modality since 1995 and since 2009 has created a hybrid practice Dynamic Expansion which incorporates this inner movement into dance and outer movement.


** Please note: In my practice I am welcoming the COVID-19 3G’s rule in Germany Geipmft, -Vaccinated, Genesen- recovered from the virus, Getestet, a negative test. Which means to please bring with you to the practice proof of one of these three processes, and please bring a clean surgical mask.

** I am also continuing to offer "long-distance" sessions which are done by audio or video calls. Please set aside the 90 minutes in a quite environment, where you can lay down undisturbed for the second half of the session.

Please call +49 (0)151 504 26 223

Practice space: Puschkinallee 4A, EG, D-12435 Berlin last door on the left before the garden

Public transport:

U-Schlesisches Tor, Bus 265 direction: Puschkinallee/Elsenstr, Stop: Eichenstr./Puschkinallee


S-Treptower Park, walking 350m or Bus 265 direction: U-Stadtmitte/Krausenstr. One Stop: Eichenstr./Puschkinallee

Practice days: are Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, [with exceptions]

Sessions duration: 90 minutes.

Session Fee: 90€ per session ( with a sliding scale in special cases)

To book a session please call:

+49 (0)30 53 02 80 30

or +49 (0)151 504 26 223, or SMS,

Please wear or bring comfortable clothing for the session.

*In summer weather please bring or wear socks, and light clothing to cover bare arms, legs shoulders.

*In winter, please refrain from wearing complicated clothing, ie: too many straps, or hoodies, or mulitple layers of heavy fabric 

thank you

Please note: cancellations made before 24 hours notice will not be charged, thank you for your understanding.

Termine nur nach Vereinbarung

Terminverhinderungen: 24-Stunden-Regel
Vereinbarte Termine sind verbindlich und kostenpflichtig, falls keine rechtzeitige Absage erfolgt.
Herzlichen Dank für Ihr Verständnis

Robert Harris R.M.T. " Shannon Cooney is  skillfully qualified to perform this modality of hands-on therapy. Any recipient of her therapeutic treatments would be fortunate and benefited"

Craniosacral therapy has many benefits for wellness including: deeply easing stress, deep rest for the nervous system, increased vitality, unwinding of unwanted habits, and increased general well-being. Craniosacral also has many benefits for health including; improved eyesight/vision, reduced acute pain, rehabilitation in the neural field, learning disabilities, gross and fine motor problems, developmental delays, autism, headaches, tinnitus, TMJ syndrome, stress disorders, trauma and neurological conditions.

“This Craniosacral Rhythm, the tidal change in the fluids, moves the bones of the head and the sacrum,” Robert Harris [RMT Craniosacral Therapist and teacher] explains. “These natural changes in pressure cause motion to be felt through the whole body, with slight toning and relaxing, as these fluid pressures expand and relax.” Craniosacral Therapists believe that this rhythmical system is as crucial to health as the breath and the heart beat. With very light contact of their hands, therapists detect this small movement as the cerebrospinal fluids rise and fall. According to Harris, it is the symmetry and ease of movement that determines health. Thus, if there is a variation to the rhythm, or if it is not symmetrical, this is an indicator to the therapist that there is a problem or a place of restriction.

Shannon's Co-creative approach integrates her study and practice of Craniosacral Therapy, professional development in movement training, energy work,  expanded consciousness connected with Nature. She further incorporates body awareness and experience from her twenty+ years as a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher in contemporary dance.

Brief biography:

Shannon opened her private Practice in Berlin in 2009.
In 1995: completed Robert Harris’ Introductory Course for C/S Therapy. 1996: Upledger Institute Level I. 1999: Robert Harris’s (The Cranial Therapy Centre Toronto) C/S Level I/II, teachers’ assistant for Mr. Harris in 2001, 2002, he is on-going mentor, supporting the Dynamic Expansion Dance Teaching. Research through written resources Micheal Shea "Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy: Volume One", "Visionary Craniosacral Volume I and II", Hugh Milne, and "How the Brain Changes Itself", Foundations in Craniosaceal Biodynamics Vol 1 and 2, Franklyn SIlls, her research includes the work and research by Norman Doidge, Bonnie Gintis, Peter Levine, Michael Kern, amoung other. She maintained a private practice from 1999-2006 in Toronto, Canada. Parallel to her craniosacral practice she is a dancer artist; choreographer, performer, dance educator working internationally from her base in Berlin.

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