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  • 2022 Fluid Resileince: outdoor site specific Performed by Jan Burkhardt, Shannon Cooney Sigal Zouk, Dramaturgy Igor Dobricic, Costume Nina Gundlach, commissioned by farº Nyon Festival, Nyon Switzerland
  • 2020 Fluid Resileince Performed by Shannon Cooney, Jared Gradinger, SIgal Zouk, Sound: Marla Hlady, Light Emese Csornai, Costume Nina Gundlach, Dramturgy Igor Dobricic, Resilience Specialist Senior Research Fellow Dr. Allyson Quinlan, Tanzfabrik Berlin
  • 2018 Fielding: Solo with Cases Performed by Shannon Cooney, Sound Cases Marla Hlady, Sound Marla Hlady with Eric Chenaux, Berlin Somatische Akademie
  • 2017  Fielding Performed by Shannon Cooney, Alicia Grant, Josefine Mülhe, Dramaturg, Igor Dobricic, Sound Marla Hlady, with Eric Chenaux, light Emese Csornai with Claire Terrein, Costume Nina Gundlach, Funding from the Canada Council for the Arts, co-operatively produced by the Tanzfabrik Berlin. Premiere Tanzfabrik Wedding
  • 2015  every one everyone Wiederaufnahme, Berlin, Funding by Berlin Senat
  • 2013 - every one everyone, choreogrpahy, performance, concept, Shannon Cooney, Artistic Advisor, Marla Hlady, Dramturg, Igor Dobricic, Sound, Anke Eckardt, Light, Sandra Blatterer co-operation Tanzfabrik Berlin, supported by Dance Ireland, and Ottawa Dance Directive. 2014/2015 touring 
  • 2012 - Assemblages, collaboration with Sabine Vogel, musician. Tanzfabrik Uferstudios, Berlin.
  • 2009 - Trust Me, solo dance by Shannon Cooney, „The Word is Moving“ Cuirt Festival Galway, Ireland.
  • 2009 - Spiral Pendulum: dance, performance/video installation, York Quay Gallery, Toronto. Conceived, performed, and video, Shannon Cooney
  • 2008 - at Table, dance installation, 4-hour performance, Hub 14, Toronto
  • 2008 - Wax and Wane, and Shlaftoeter, within Wolfsgeheul collaborative multi-arts performance, created by Alex Nowitz. Compositions by Alex Nowitz and Sabine Vogel, Video by Jamie Griffiths, Choreography and performance by Shannon Cooney. Fabrik, Potsdam.
  • 2007 - Radiowave, solo choreography and performance, Shannon Cooney, TanzTage Fabrik Potsdam.
  • 2005 - Like Love to Gravity, DANCEMAKERS, Premiere Dance Theatre, Toronto. Performed by Alison Denham, Shannon Cooney, Linnea Swan. Music composed by John Mark Sherlock.
  • 2004 - Imperfect Parallel, Le Groupe Dance Lab, Ottawa. Performed by the Company. Monitor Peter Boneham. Set Designer Normand Vandal. Music composed and performed by Dale Morningstar.
  • 2003 - Good Night Josephine, Le Groupe Dance Lab, Ottawa. Performed by Rob Abubo and Shannon Cooney. Monitor Sarah Bild. Visual concept Shannon Cooney with Normand Vandal. Text written By Gordon Downie.Music composed and performed by Dale Morningstar and Gordon Downie.
  • 2003 - of the first water, DanceWorks, Dumaurier Theatre, Toronto. Performed by Shannon Cooney. (Presented in July 2005 Dancing on the Edge”-Vancouver).
  • 2002 - Written in the Body, Firehall Theatre Vancouver, DANCEMAKERS Studio, Toronto. Music composed by Dale Morningstar. Performed/commissioned by Company Blonde.
  • 2001 - In the Wind, Dusk Dances, Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto. Performed by Shannon Cooney. Music composed and performed by Robin Easton.
  • 2000 - Five Minute Window, fFIDA, Winchester Street Theatre, Toronto. Performed by Company Blonde. Music composed by Dale Morningstar
  • 1999 - Woollen, DanceWorks, DuMaurier Theatre, Toronto. Visual Artist/Collaborator Janet Morton. Performed by Kate Alton, Julia Aplin and Carolyn Woods.
  • 1998 - Underbrush, Dances/Portraits, Edward Day Gallery, Toronto. Performed by the Choreographer.
  • 1997 - Hear my Love, in the Song of Songs DANCEMAKERS, DuMaurier Theatre, Toronto. Performed by the Company and The Toronto Chamber Society.
  • 1996 - Remote Control, in „wordmachine‘s The Book of Thoht“ a theatre/dance/poetry /musical collaboration. Theatre Centre, Toronto. Performed by Learie McNicholls, Jessica Runge and the Choreographer. (Touring to London and Oxford, England 1996).
  • 1996 - Islay, Dusk Dances, fFIDA (fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists) Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto. Performed by Marie Josee Chartier, Robert Glumbek and Carolyn Woods. Music composed and performed by Ernie Tollar. Also performed at the Canada Dance Festival, Ottawa, Canada, 1998.

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