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  • 2022 The River- Part 1"- Public in Private, Choreographer Aimé C. Songe, Sophien Saele Berlin
  • 2022 Sway, fortuning festival Fortuna Berlin Curated by Anne Zacho Søgaard
  • 2022 Sway, Come Meet Us - Open House - Blind Date. Zero Point Berlin, Shannon Cooney, Doug Weiss and Mariana Carvalho, Curated by: Descha Daemgen, Abraham Hurtado and Meg Stuart, 
  • 2021 Chakra Offerings, Artistic Director Claudia Hill, performacne, Efremidis Gallery, Berlin
  • 2018 "A Piece you Remember to Tell, a Piece you Tell to Remember" Peter Stamer, Silke Bake, Tanznacht Berlin 
  • 2016 "32 mini operas" (discarded work from 2007), 3AM Berlin Reckless Abandon group show
  • 2016 Improvisation collective performance, Capacitance, Guelph International dance festival 
  • 2015 residency performance, Oxygen Art Centre, Nelson BC 
  • 2012 durational performance from Artist Heidi Sill work in; die Suche nach der Sicht ergänzt den Blick, Kunstverein Tiergarten | Galerie Nord, Berlin
  • 2010 Social Balance Research , Photography/performance series, with Artist Signe Theill, Berlin
  • 2010 Maya birth, Maya Brush,  Kirsten Geisler, artist. mixed media.
  • 2009 - Installation/performance by Vania Rovisco, Bridge on a Wall, Gallery Tristesse Delux, Berlin
  • 2008 Gulliver Dreaming, video installation with Signe Theill, Hellerau-Dresden, Europäisches Zentrum der Kunst 2010; 23. Stuttgarter Filmwinter, 21.01. - 24.01.2010 Festival for Expanded Media,,,,AUFBRUCH" Galerie Thron,Reutlingen 22.01.12-25.03.12
  • 2008 - Curtain Machine, installation performance by visual artist Marla Hlady, Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • 2007 - Untitled Solo, LaborGras Berlin Choreography Benoît Lachambre
  • 1994-2006 - Company Dancer, DANCEMAKERS, Toronto, Ontario, Artistic director Serge Bennathan. Touring performances extensively in Canada, Europe, South America, North Africa and the United States.
  • 2005 - Canadian Dance Collective Platform 33, Presented by DanceWorks, Harbourfront Centre Theatre, Toronto. Choreography by Kim Itoh, Shelf Life, Damian Munoz, L’Avenir, Louise Bedard, Seven Ways to Tell Time.
  • 2003 - Yang, Choreographer’s Trust, Betty Oliphant Theatre, Toronto. Choreography by Peggy Baker.
  • 2002/ 2003 - disconnected series of utterances, DANCEMAKERS Presents…,Toronto. DanceWorks, Dumaurier Theatre, Toronto. Choreography by Lesandra Dodson.
  • 1998 - Wind, warehouse space Toronto. Choreography by Bill James.
  • 1998 - In Dreams, Dancers for Life, Hummingbird Center for the Performing Arts. Choreography by Julia Sasso.
  • 1996 - figures in stillness and in motion, DuMaurier Theatre, Toronto. Choreography by Marie Josée Chartier.

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