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Spiral Pendulum: dance

Spiral Pendulum: dance [dance/ video installation]
Shannon Cooney


Spiral Pendulum: dance addresses themes of intimacy, performance and presence. Through a repetitive and self-sustaining movement, the performer verbally reports from a state of body-level consciousness. What influences the performer’s experience is the immediacy of the space wherein the performance takes place and all matter contained within it – the here and now of the space.

The performances began in November 2008, each performance documented with video and has an average of 45 minutes duration. The performance has an immediate and lasting effect on the viewer, visceral and intellectual. In viewing the videos in the space, one is invited to witness the delicate fluctuations in each performance in each space.

[Dublin, Brussels, Toronto, Grenoble, Paris, Vancouver, Berlin, Nelson].

Performance space requirements:

Gallery setting with free flow access for the public, monitors with DVD players, [minimum 3] with audio [either headphones or directional speakers].

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