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"Seeking to source the intimate, the expansive, essential self. Partnering in collaboration with other artists, art forms, spaces, and mediums. Connecting to the witnesses, audience, in a transformative experience, subtle or explosive. These are my current set of desires in dance.” Shannon Cooney

The following video clips extend through a range in time and offer a glimpse of a small selection of Cooney's solo works and groups pieces.



Fielding is shaped by performing the practice of Moveable Cinema; a heightened visually sensed movement practice with multiple relationships that are interactive with light, sound, space and people. Layers of light, direction and texture are both highlighting the performance of the practice, as well as subtly informing the vibrancy of the movement.

Scores drawn by Marla Hlady are performed and shape the choreography;
highlighting her series “Graphic Scores (2010)” and “Sound Events (2010)” (Ink and graphite on paper). These multilayered drawings are integrated spatially, viscerally and temporally. 
Duration approximately 1 Hour.
Feeling this field of vision.
This vision of a field, feeling.
Moving through this feeling,
this vision, this field.
Fielding it, together.
Premiered at Tanzfabrik Open Spaces #3 Berlin, Uferstudios Wedding
3.11 - 5.11.2017

Performed by and with Shannon Cooney, Alicia Grant, Josefine Mühle and Claudia Tomasi

Dramaturgy: Igor Dobricic, Sound: Marla Hlady, Music: Marla Hlady and Eric Chenaux, Light: Emese Csornai, Claire Terrein Costume: Nina Gundlach

Video Documentation and trailer: Diethild Meier


Funded by The Canada Council for the Arts with support from the Tanzfabrik Berlin

tanzfabrik berlin

CCFA RGB colour f

Research supported by the Toronto Dance Community Love-In,  the Oxygen Art Centre, Nelson BC, Weld Company, Stockholm, Çıplak Ayaklar Kumpanyasi, Istanbul.



acoustic sightlines

Choreography: Shannon Cooney
Co-created and performed by: Shannon Cooney, Stine Frendsen, Marc P. Gabriel
Light: Sandra Blatterer
Sound: Anke Eckardt
Commissioned by: Tanznacht Berlin 2012 and Ada Studios, 10 minute duration


acoustic sightlines was created using techniques created in Cooney's teaching practice, Dynamic Expansion called "moveable cinema". The score for the work was collectively decided upon. The score mapped meetings and interactions between the three dancers who were at all times engaging in the process of seeing/viewing and examining the visual field. Sandra Baltterer edited a video shot by Shannon Cooney a perpetual sunlight reflection, and Anke Eckardt uses a high-density microphone to pick up the real-time sounds of the space and amplifies them.



A somatic-sonic performance.

Co-created and Performed by Shannon Cooney, choreographer/dancer, and Sabine Vogel, Musician/performer. (Research at Kuenstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop, Germany May-June during a project residency 2010)

Assemblages is a unique melding of dance and music in collaboration with objects and their physical and audible design.

Spiral Pendulum: dance

Spiral Pendulum: dance [dance/ video installation]
Shannon Cooney


Spiral Pendulum: dance addresses themes of intimacy, performance and presence. Through a repetitive and self-sustaining movement, the performer verbally reports from a state of body-level consciousness. What influences the performer’s experience is the immediacy of the space wherein the performance takes place and all matter contained within it – the here and now of the space.

Trust Me

Trust Me
Choreographer/Dancer: Shannon Cooney


Trust Me, was commissioned by Tanya McCrory, Galway for ,,The Word is Moving”, Literary Arts Festival Galway, Ireland. Derived from the following quote:

“The first sentence of every novel should be: ‘Trust me this is going to take time but there is no order here, very faint, very human.’ Meander if you want to get to town.”

Michael Ondaatje (b. 1943), Canadian novelist. ‘Palace of Purification,’ bk.2, In the Skin of a Lion (1987).

Good Night Josephine

Good Night Josephine, Dance
Feb. 2003
Director: Shannon Cooney
Performers: Shannon Cooney and Rob Abubo
Costume: Normand Vandal
Composer/Musician: Dale Morningstar
Text/Singer: Gordon Downie


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